Sunday, 17 May 2009

More about London

Hiaa everybody.
As I said in my last post we have just been to London and now I am going to tell you all about it. It took about four hours to get down there and we stopped at peterborough services on the way. When at last we got there I found out that we were staying in Borehamwood Travelodge.
That night we went out to find somewere to eat and Mum showed were she got married and had lived when she was a student. Then she tried to show us somwere she had eaten but got lost so we decided to have a carvery instead: ).
The next day we were going to London zoo so we drove down to the station but couln't find anywere to park so we went back up to the travelodge and got the lady to call a taxi for us. When it finaly arrived the driver said that his car was to small and that we would have to call a seven-seater instead!
When it arived we went down to the station and traveled to Camdon town and walked to the zoo from there .The zoo was well cool and I had realy good time,

These are some of my favourite pics:

The next day we went to the National Gallery In the morning because I was going to do a project on famous artists( even though afterwards I forgot all of their names :$)

In the afternoon we went to the science museum and played on a rollercoster simulater, set of their fake alarm system and J played in the garden playgroup.

After that we went to Oxford street and had a pizza hut and did some shopping .

The next day we came back home and guess what, we found out that we could move house in a months time! Look at the pics of it,

What do you think everybody? Do you like it?

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  1. your new house look soooo cool luc
    see ya soon k

  2. Thanks K,
    Why didn't you go to P.E today?