Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My story part 3


Ashier walked towards me, “Ok, you know what you have to do. The agents will be there soon and you don’t want to keep them waiting.”
I nodded, “Ok Sir.”
“Oh...and Sapphire.”
”Yes Sir?”
“Try and talk to all of them on there own.”
I smiled. “You’ve told me that about one hundred times already.”
“Yes, yes, now hurry up.”
Change, I told myself, wolf form will be quicker. It was easier this time, changing didn’t feel like I was having my skin ripped off.
The minute my paws touched the ground I was off, racing through the forest to the clearing were I would say hello to the agents. When I got there I ground to a halt. Ear pricked up, I sat and listened to see whether they were there.
Seems so, I thought as a black clad guard stepped out of the trees before me. My body began to grow and turn back into humanoid. As I did three more men advanced.
I stood up. “I am Sapphire Heart. I...I’m ready...” I knew my instructions, privately talk to half the vampires and convince them war was stupid.
The tallest of them stepped foreword. “I’m afraid there’s been a change of plan. You will be going in disguised as a vampire. They’re more likely to be convinced.”

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Story part 2


A shiver ran down my spine. The music was so spooky. I tried to gather clues over what I would have to do by studying the area around me but all I could see was some hooded figures and a well. Maybe they’d try and drown me, I thought, in human blood.
A voice rang out; I recognised it as Vladimir Creek, my old teacher. “Tonight our vampire tribe will have a new member, Mathew Ebony!”
A cheer rang out; I figured it was for a new member, not for me.
“All he has to do is one thing. I hope he doesn’t find it hard.”
A few laughs and sniggers erupted from the crowd but I knew I had to ignore them.
“As the vampire parts of you know all he will have to do is...” His voice was almost a whisper now. “...Kiss a vampire girl over The Black Well!”
I was too surprised to do anything. I had thought it would be something difficult or painful, but this...
A new figure emerged from behind the well I had seen earlier. She was wearing a short red dress that sparkled in the eerie candle-light. I recognised her at once. It was Sasha Rush. Ok, now I felt annoyed, Um...Sapphire Rush? This was every male under-the-sun’s crush except mine. Why couldn’t they pick somebody I liked? Not some stupid plastic doll.
I took a step forward, I had to or they would kick me out.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Book Review

This is my Book Review of Time Riders by Alex Scarrow.

Overall I think this was an interesting, fast paced book. I loved the characters, especially Sal. She just came across as a really nice person. I also liked it because it was up to date. It talked about things that were happening now. In 2010, rather than 2005 or 2007.

There were a few things I didn't like. First of all it left a lot of things out. The amount of times "I'll tell you later" was used are too many to count! Another thing was that the story seems to have been used a lot of times before. A problem in the past and a few people have to got back and fix it....hmm...sound familiar?

So yes, if you see it in the library and don't have anything else then I would say pick it up and read it. Or if you know an 10+ year old boy, then they might like to know about it. But if you are looking for a book that will change you life, then I wouldn't recomend that would.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Story Part 1

I meant to post this ages ago!


I closed my eyes. I felt the creature’s sharp teeth biting through the flesh on my neck; the ripping pain was excruciating and even worse came as it began to spread around my body.
There was no getting out now, I thought, I was one...forever. My vision was stretching and I could feel something strange happening to my nails. As he started to remove his sharp teeth from the side of my neck I felt the hairs on my arms beginning to grow.
The world started wobbling like mad and it was hard to stand. It seemed natural to bend down so I put my hands on the floor and leant slowly towards them. As I did I saw the fur and I saw the long, curving claws protruding out off what five minutes ago had been hands, but now were more like paws.
I howled in terror I knew it would happen but...wait a minute, howled? The sound that had come out of my mouth only a moment ago had seemed so familiar, not something I had never done before in my life. At that moment a hunger came over me, not a savage thing like I had expected but more a craving; to run after a rabbit, feel the wind in my face and have a fun new game to play.
I howled again but his time is wasn’t of terror, it was of excitement. As my whole world was beginning to change I saw something welcoming. Ahead of me I could see the pack. I started to run towards them. Though they had been the object of many nightmares I suddenly felt like...like they were my family.
I honestly felt like I had known these wolves all my life. I ran into the middle of and it was obvious they accepted me as one of them, the way they crowded next to me and didn’t try to push me out. I smiled; finally I wad part of a group.

The Carboniferous Forests

I have just finished doing the Carboniferous period, here are some facts.

  • It began 362 M.Y.A.

  • It ended around 290 M.Y.A

  • It was made up of huge swamps and green scaly trees.

  • It was the fifth period after the Precambrian.

  • The first reptiles appeared. Their immediate improvement to amphibians was that they could mate on land.

  • The first insects appeared. There was a dragonfly around that's wingspan could reach two-foot in length! (There is an image on the right.)

  • The first forests appeared.

Home Education Update

What I am doing at the moment:

I have just got a new English book. It is called 'Succeed in English' and is by 'The Learning Library.' This morning wrote something on when we went to the park the other day.

I am almost finished my current section in my Maths book. I will be going onto Handling Data. Last night I worked out how many I have got correct so far and it added up to around eighty-five percent!

In my project work I have just finished re-doing the Carboniferous Period. Next I am doing plant-life.

I just took a revision test in French and got eighty-two percent correct.

I am still going kickboxing three times a week.

I am doing keyboard now lessons on a Saturday. I am currently doing new songs with D7 and G7 in.

Monday, 23 August 2010

New stuff...

I havn't been on in ages.
You can probably figure that.
That is why I am givinjg my blog its new look!

It's been so long since i came on I don't really like this colour pin anymore. I think its time to choose a colour that is closer to the things I like now.
One of the things that I like now is vampires. I am gonna say the new type because i havn't (*blushes*) even read Dracula so I can't say I like it. (I don't particulaly like 'Twilight' either, I'm into stuff like The Vampire Diaries'... but there you go.) Bassically that why I went for the red font/black baground look. Creepy but cool...I like it, whether you do doesn't really matter I guess...

OMLG (Oh My Lady Gaga for those of you who don't know,) I just bought ALL THREE 'Mortal Instruments' books. I 'City of Bones' and i thought it was ace...seriously it rocked my world but couldn't get the second one because the library never had them in, I don't like ordering books and they are big books...you know...not cheap...BUT THANKS TO AMAZON I GOT THEM ALL FOR £10 AND THEY ARE ARIVING TOMORROW MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA...

I seriously need to say something about 'Di4R' but I don't think I could fit it into this topic...I will post anotherone with it in. All I will say for now is...IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apart from that I spent most of today readingxx