Sunday, 14 November 2010

Story part 2


A shiver ran down my spine. The music was so spooky. I tried to gather clues over what I would have to do by studying the area around me but all I could see was some hooded figures and a well. Maybe they’d try and drown me, I thought, in human blood.
A voice rang out; I recognised it as Vladimir Creek, my old teacher. “Tonight our vampire tribe will have a new member, Mathew Ebony!”
A cheer rang out; I figured it was for a new member, not for me.
“All he has to do is one thing. I hope he doesn’t find it hard.”
A few laughs and sniggers erupted from the crowd but I knew I had to ignore them.
“As the vampire parts of you know all he will have to do is...” His voice was almost a whisper now. “...Kiss a vampire girl over The Black Well!”
I was too surprised to do anything. I had thought it would be something difficult or painful, but this...
A new figure emerged from behind the well I had seen earlier. She was wearing a short red dress that sparkled in the eerie candle-light. I recognised her at once. It was Sasha Rush. Ok, now I felt annoyed, Um...Sapphire Rush? This was every male under-the-sun’s crush except mine. Why couldn’t they pick somebody I liked? Not some stupid plastic doll.
I took a step forward, I had to or they would kick me out.

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