Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Home Education Update

What I am doing at the moment:

I have just got a new English book. It is called 'Succeed in English' and is by 'The Learning Library.' This morning wrote something on when we went to the park the other day.

I am almost finished my current section in my Maths book. I will be going onto Handling Data. Last night I worked out how many I have got correct so far and it added up to around eighty-five percent!

In my project work I have just finished re-doing the Carboniferous Period. Next I am doing plant-life.

I just took a revision test in French and got eighty-two percent correct.

I am still going kickboxing three times a week.

I am doing keyboard now lessons on a Saturday. I am currently doing new songs with D7 and G7 in.

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