Monday, 23 August 2010

New stuff...

I havn't been on in ages.
You can probably figure that.
That is why I am givinjg my blog its new look!

It's been so long since i came on I don't really like this colour pin anymore. I think its time to choose a colour that is closer to the things I like now.
One of the things that I like now is vampires. I am gonna say the new type because i havn't (*blushes*) even read Dracula so I can't say I like it. (I don't particulaly like 'Twilight' either, I'm into stuff like The Vampire Diaries'... but there you go.) Bassically that why I went for the red font/black baground look. Creepy but cool...I like it, whether you do doesn't really matter I guess...

OMLG (Oh My Lady Gaga for those of you who don't know,) I just bought ALL THREE 'Mortal Instruments' books. I 'City of Bones' and i thought it was ace...seriously it rocked my world but couldn't get the second one because the library never had them in, I don't like ordering books and they are big know...not cheap...BUT THANKS TO AMAZON I GOT THEM ALL FOR £10 AND THEY ARE ARIVING TOMORROW MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA...

I seriously need to say something about 'Di4R' but I don't think I could fit it into this topic...I will post anotherone with it in. All I will say for now is...IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apart from that I spent most of today readingxx


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