Thursday, 22 April 2010


Today we went for a walk up the hill near us. It is quite steep and has a road running up it.

On the way up we played "Nurse Who"; where there were bears coming to get us and "The Doctor's Son" had to save the day! Sounds very dramatic but I enjoyed it and I'm sure M did.
We were going to bring a camera but decided just to take binoculars instead. It was a shame really because we found loads of plants which we couldn't name but looked really familiar. They where almost like red hot pokers but they had different colours and where shorter! If we had had the camera then we could have asked people what they were.

When we reached the top there was another track which lead up to the road. It had loads of stones along the sides and must have once had a tarmac cover over the top. To the right there was a strange fenced of area that had huge bits of square stone with mettle through the middle. We thought they must have been something to do with WW2 or The Mine.

Which brings me to the mine. A little way along the track was the entrance. It was bricked up and almost hidden by the trees. Gosh; if you wanted something to remind you of The Hobbit that was it. One brick in at the top was missing but it hadn't fallen this side so we got spared from a million ghost stories by the fact that someone must have been trying to get in rather than out! For the rest of the way up we made up a story; each taking it in turn to say a line (or few.) M wanted it to have a happy ending but I was thinking the opposite! In the end I got my way and ended up dead. (It was supposed to be scary).

Here's another thing though. When we got to the road there was a barn filled with turkeys. I was totally freaked. It was exactly like one from a dream I had had. I can remember the dream pretty clearly so I don't think it was one that only got chosen out of the however-many you have each night because it related to something I had seen. It was actually one I remembered the next morning. Freaky, isn't it.

On the way back down we collected stones. I found two nice ones and M gave me a lovely piece of pottery he had found. Then we went into the strange fenced off area again to have a closer look. As we looked we thought it was quite likely to be WW2 because you could easily see stuff coming for miles. M was so lucky. He saw a grass snake in the nettles and I missed it. I found something out of the engine of a car. It was made of rusted mettle and was really heavy.

Then we walked down. No matter what the walk was like you have to admit the view from the top of that hill is spectacular! There are loads of small groups of trees and the field have beautiful contrasts between dark purple and light green.

I did really enjoy this walk. Especially as the weather was brilliant.

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