Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Ok, I know this is a little bit late but I think I should start adding post about our "Potatoes for schools." This is going to have to be a sort of two in one post seing as I didn't posts when we first got them.
When they first arrived M and I chose which paket we would like to have. We were lucky because we each chose a different one. I got VE (Vales Emerald) and he got R (Rocket). Then we had to start chitting them. To chit a potato you have to place it in an egg box and leave it in the light for two weeks. Mine's sprouts grew slightly longer and the actual potato grew firmer so I think that went quite well.
After that we had to plant them. We put the grow bags inside old tires to steady them. Below is a picture after we had planted them.
I am really looking foreward to seeing how well this went and being able to eat our crop!

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