Sunday, 14 March 2010

What we are doing at the moment


Recently we have been doing some D.T. about Tutankhamun. Sound confusing? Why isn't it history?
Well, the first thing we had to do was to look through a book about him and find an object we would like to try and recreate. I chose a model, alabaster boat found in the Annexe of his tomb. Then we had to discuss what would be the best way to make it. After that all that was left to do was make it.
I think mine went really well. The colours were't as bright as I had hoped but it looks good and is very different from the original. The picture at the top is my version of the boat, the one underneath is the original.

A little while ago we did a project on time. We were asked to make a clock with any materials we could find around the house. I decided to make a water clock so I did many experiments to find the best way to make it. In the end I found that an old hanger worked best. The way I made it was simple. I hung it from an old nail outside and tied an old paint bottle filled with water one side and a small pot filled with two-ps on the other. Then theoreticaly you left the bottle to drip and after three minutes it was empty. When it was empty the end with the coins in was heavier so it would lean the other way. The problem with this was it was almost impossible to get ecxatly the right amount of water.
In the end with numb hands and a wet coat I managed it and we hung it outside for the grand opening. in total it mostly gave a time around three minutes five seconds which wasn't bad.
My favourite part of this project was probably the end when I got to show off my clock and see Myles'. He had made a salt clock which measured twenty-six seconds. I also enjoyed the first bit were we had to decide the idea of how to make it because there were so any ideas and it was the time when I felt most excited by the new project.

This is my list of stuff we are doing at the moment.

Maths: GCSE mathematics foundation level.
English: GCSE success foundation level.
History/D.T. Tutankhamun
Project: Water
Sports: Kickboxing
Other: My story

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