Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Story Part 1

I meant to post this ages ago!


I closed my eyes. I felt the creature’s sharp teeth biting through the flesh on my neck; the ripping pain was excruciating and even worse came as it began to spread around my body.
There was no getting out now, I thought, I was one...forever. My vision was stretching and I could feel something strange happening to my nails. As he started to remove his sharp teeth from the side of my neck I felt the hairs on my arms beginning to grow.
The world started wobbling like mad and it was hard to stand. It seemed natural to bend down so I put my hands on the floor and leant slowly towards them. As I did I saw the fur and I saw the long, curving claws protruding out off what five minutes ago had been hands, but now were more like paws.
I howled in terror I knew it would happen but...wait a minute, howled? The sound that had come out of my mouth only a moment ago had seemed so familiar, not something I had never done before in my life. At that moment a hunger came over me, not a savage thing like I had expected but more a craving; to run after a rabbit, feel the wind in my face and have a fun new game to play.
I howled again but his time is wasn’t of terror, it was of excitement. As my whole world was beginning to change I saw something welcoming. Ahead of me I could see the pack. I started to run towards them. Though they had been the object of many nightmares I suddenly felt like...like they were my family.
I honestly felt like I had known these wolves all my life. I ran into the middle of and it was obvious they accepted me as one of them, the way they crowded next to me and didn’t try to push me out. I smiled; finally I wad part of a group.

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