Monday, 15 February 2010

My story part 1

I have decided to do a story and post it on my blog. Here is the first chapter, hope you enjoy it!

Machine Warrior Magnus stomped onto the roof of his control tower. In front of him the slim figure of Commander Sweet-apple of the Freedom Fighters stood; ready for battle.
“Ah, so this is your last stand, a face off with a hulking great machine like me, on top of one of the biggest towers ever made,” Magnus mused, “how dramatic.”
“I’d hold your tongue till afterwards, maybe you won’t be so cocky then. On second thoughts maybe you won’t have a tongue left.” The commander said.
“I hear a lot of “maybes” in that sentence,” he snarled.
“Yeah well it’s not really that likely is it?”
Magnus sighed, the human was better than most of her comrades, not afraid of death and an excellent fighter. Shame she wasn’t smart enough to see the resistance would never win. He would have liked her but now she had crossed him and, like many before her, she had to die.
Without warning he slashed his huge fist towards her. She jumped back, out of the way. He tried again with the other hand, again she jumped but this time his spiked gauntlet clipped her chest. She drew her sword but blood was already starting to stain her shirt. She ran at him and with the last of her effort wacked the sword at his head. He gave her a little brush with his finger and she fell away like a leaf. He cupped his hand round her neck and picked her up. “Choose your last words carefully.”
The whisper that came out of her mouth was barely audible. “,” her head drooped. Magnus threw the limp body onto the battle below.
He laughed manically, stupid humans.

More coming soon!

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