Thursday, 6 August 2009


A little while ago we went to a Haven in Wales and this is every thing I can remember about it =).
Well we went to Portmerion it was well cool but some of the walks were a bit inaccessible for the buggy. We had a four cheese pizza for lunch in their Itallian cafe. After lunch we watched this realy rubbish film about the village but it kept showing pics and if you were there you could see them first hand. I think it was realy pretty and I have some pics on the camera so I will put them on at a later date =).
On the wednesday that we were there we went to Portmadog and went on a little steam train around some of the mountains. It was very interesting but the journey took three hours!

One day we went to a place called Criccieth and looked at a castle. We played on the beach for a bit and had ice-creams!

We also went to a place called King Arthur's Labrinth wich was in the mines under a mountain and was all about King Arthur (what did you expect). You traveled on a boat a then there was this Audio track playing that told you lots of diferent tales and there were lots of plastic models and cardboard figures to make it more interesting. There was one were the land flooded and a torrent of water rushed down and splashed my Mum and M =)

So that was about my time in wales (not everything 'cos that would go on for years!)


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